Thursday, January 7, 2010


The day started out pretty good. I woke up with a skip in my step. Getting out of bed was easier than usual and the morning exodus to Makati was actually quite pleasant. There was no traffic in C5 and the usual hour long commute was cut to a leisurely 30 minute drive. I was saying to my self the day couldn't get any better.

Work was no different everything seemed smoother than usual. It was actually a weird feeling, meetings felt shorter and emails were manageable, to think we were in the midst of a major event, but still i felt pretty good, basically I went through the day wearing a ridiculously big grin. At around 6, I decided to go to Greenbelt 5 first to get a haircut and then see if I could find something nice for myself, haven't really gone shopping in a while. The moment I arrived in Greenbelt, one of the stores caught my attention, the big red sale sticker posted on the window helped. I decided to just go back after I finish with my haircut. I still couldn't get over it, it was one of those shops that I checked once and found it too pricey, but they we're on sale! What a day....

So right after my haircut I ran to the shop picked 2 items from the SALE pile, it usually takes me 10 minutes to buy something. So as I rushed out of the store to meet up up with a friend, i noticed the oddest thing, my phone was not in my pocket. Panic started to set in, I never realized I still had it in me to run that way. When I get there I checked all the places I went to, nothing, my phone was gone. Then in the corner of my eye I see the security guard staring at me. Didn't mind him, i was too flustered. I talked to the salesman and asked him about it, then the guard went up to me, so I asked him if anything was left inside the shop. With a high pitched voice he said: "wala kayong naiwan na cellphone dito lahat tiningnan ko na." So I politely asked the salesman to lend me his phone so I could call the Globe hot line and have my line cut, after that the day that seemed to be headed for perfection became an epic failure.

So after buying a pre-paid kit, i called my friend and made sure drinks were pushing through, not with the original intent to celebrate, but get over the irritating feeling that someone stole something very important from you. Seems to be a recurring theme in my life.
After a few toasts with our good friend Jack, we called it a night. We made our way to our cars and then it hit me, I felt like I was in one of those CSI scenes where they breakdown the crime and figure out who did it. Remember the guard? I never told him that I lost my phone, i just asked him if anything was left, but he said, "wala kayong naiwan na cellphone". He did it! But I'm not sure, and I would never confront anyone without being sure, I'm sorry if its not him, just feels better when you know about it, even if you can't do anything anymore.

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