Monday, January 18, 2010

First, first date in 9 years!

How weird. Going out on my first, first date in 9 years. Its a funny feeling to be back in the game. I'm anxious, a little scared and unsure of myself. But i realized I had to get back on the saddle. Friends have tried to set me up, went on several of those group things, some were fun others had a lot to be desired. But its still much easier than having to carry a conversation on my own for at least an hour. If all things fail I still have alcohol to save the day. The nice thing I realized about going on these group things, if there's nothing there, you gain a new friend. A nice save to a missed opportunity. But sooner or later I have to face the big black monster, the dinner date!

For those of you wondering how I can be so worried about going on a date, the last time I asked a girl out on a date was in college, so I've been out of practice. I just realized its so much easier for women, all you have to do is show some interest and the guy will probably ask you out. But us, oh my, the anxiety of getting rejected is crazy! So to start me off with my dating adventures, I asked several of my single and not so single but recently hooked up friends on how the game is played now. I had so many questions.....

1. How young is acceptable? You can go as old as you want! :)

Friend 1: Divide your age by 2 add 5. (Is this even true?)

Friend 2: Age is but a number, in fact the younger the better, Basta tapos na mag aral pwede na! (Hmmmm I have my doubts about this one but I think he's selling to himself)

Friend 3: Bottom should be 4 years younger, di mo na kayang sumabay sa gimik nang mas bata. (I want to disagree but he might be right)

2. Where do you take your date? Dinner right away or meet up for drinks?

Friend 1: Drinks muna, pag dinner malaki kagad investment atleast kung sablay isang drink lang ang gastos. (A very economical view)

Friend 2: The works dapat, shock and awe! Impressive dapat ang first date. (Again not everyone is like you na may budget, but it does leave an impression.....)

Friend 3: How about you give your date an option, then you don't have to decide and risk not choosing what she's comfortable with. (Ok si friend 3 ah, kaya ikaw may girlfriend)

3. How do you know the date is going well?

Friend 1: If she doesn't throw anything at you, or physically hurt you, may chance ka. (Hahahahaha)

Friend 2: If she kisses you at the end of the date, you're ok. (Malamang diba)

friend 3: Fish, ask her something that will require a second date to do, if she's ok with it, you're doing fine. (Subtle, calculated, just might work)

These are some of the questions I asked. It went on for a few hours, three friends, three different views. Let's see if any of their answers work. I'll keep you posted with how my first date goes.......

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  1. It's been A WHILE since I dated but I don't remember it every being "easy for girls." If a girl likes a guy, she gets labeled "aggressive" if she asks him out. So she has to wait (sometimes in vain). Which sucks.

    The in thing now: "exclusively dating but not boyfriend-girlfriend." In other words, MU 2010. Haha