Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010, this is my year

Another year has passed, and the first decade of the second millennium has begun and 10% of the 21st century is done....
Whatever you wanna call it, its just another year. Yes my friends its nothing new. In fact there were 2,009 years before this one and a few thousand years before 0001 A.D. (What does A.D. mean again? Can't remember what I learned in Social Studies) So what's so different about this year? Well at least for me a 9 year relationship is over, a 3 year project is bearing fruit and the possibility of fulfilling 2 life goals is in the horizon. So all in all, although one major door closed the rest of the windows have opened. So i decided to make a bucket list to make 2010 my year. Yes, I watched the movie and I liked it! This first post fulfills the first item:

1. Make a blog - Done
2. Lose 35 pounds in 2 months
3. Climb Pulag, Apo and maybe Kota
4. Put up a small poultry operation
5. Get a promotion
6. Make 50 new friends this year (I have 2 new ones)
7. Spend more time with my family
8. Break 90 in a round of golf
9. Do my first triathlon
10. Buy an IWC portuguese
11. Rebuild my dads impala
12. Celebrate my birthday in our ancestral house
13. Go on a 2 week vacation
14. Get in touch with old friends
15. Save 20% of my annual net income
16. Be happy for my Ex, wish her all the best and move on - DONE!

2 out 16 ain't so bad, but i still have a long way to go to make 2010 my year.

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