Friday, April 16, 2010

Beliefs, rituals and traditions.

Today is ash Wednesday and it got me thinking. All my life I have been part of a family that has no religious traditions. Aside from Noche Buena and New Years eve dinner, I can't remember a single time when we had to go through a family tradition. Even when we visit the cemetery for all souls day we do it individually and never on the day itself. So this got me thinking what are our traditions, rituals and beliefs.

For the past how many years if not for a friend of mine that put so much effort in making me go to church, I probably would have gone ten years without hearing a single mass aside from weddings and funerals I have to attend. And even then I probably would have been seated outside half listening to the sermon. Does this make me a bad person?

Growing up I always wondered why smoking was regarded as such a bad thing. My dad was a smoker, my mom was a smoker and a lot of people I knew, good people smoked. I never fully understood the stigma that people attached , to what I admit is a bad habit, but should not define the overall goodness of a person, maybe a weakness in character can be attributed to this, but that's as far as it should go.

As I go through life I wonder what will define me as a person? Will it be the stories i tell of my past glory. Will it be my future family? Will it be my career? What are my beliefs, rituals and traditions? I guess it will take me a while to figure this out. But it does get you thinking, doesn't it?

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