Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wat Happened to my List!!!

1. Make a blog - Done
2. Lose 35 pounds in 2 months - 8 lbs 27 to gotta adjust my timeline :)
3. Climb Pulag, Apo and maybe Kota (maybe next year)
4. Put up a small poultry operation - on its way
5. Get a promotion - Got almost a promotion (Good Enough for this year)
6. Make 50 new friends this year (This was easier than expected)
7. Spend more time with my family (Done, but should spend more time)
8. Break 90 in a round of golf (This might not happen in this lifetime)
9. Do my first triathlon (The year is not yet done. Hehehehehe as if)
10. Buy an IWC portuguese (Got something else, and I'm happy so 2011 it is)
11. Rebuild my dads impala (Not gonna Happen this year, takes atleast 2 years. Booo)
12. Celebrate my birthday in our ancestral house (might never happen)
13. Go on a 2 week vacation (No Money, but will force the issue)
14. Get in touch with old friends (Done)
15. Save 20% of my annual net income (Never realized having a bucket list was expensive!!!)

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