Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2 beers and 5 new friends

It was one of those nights that everything just fell into place.

I was on my way home when 2 of my office mates decided to have a few beers after work in fort, so as usual i was more than game to tag along. I got there about half an hour after them, and luckily they were able to get a seat right in front of the counter, which is a feat for distillery FORT. As I entered they were sharing the center table with 2 other guys. One seemed familiar, but it took me a while to place how I knew him. So after a few uncomfortable minutes, I realized, I went to school with this guy.

For some strange reason I felt a sudden urge to reconnect and talk about the old days. What started out as a attempt to be polite turned into a night I could fondly look back to.

Nothing special happened if you think about it. Nothing out of the ordinary for me (2 bottles of Jack between 6 guys). But looking back, this was one guy I'd never really talk to in college. Aside from the occasional eyebrow raise and the knuckle punch, there was no real connection made in the 3 years that we were in school. And in one night, because of the thirst to re-connect with the lost days of school. We bonded, weird, but refreshing.

We talked about when we'd have another drinking session, I'd doubt that we would keep the date, but the thought that a few guys over a bottle of Jack, could take away the anonymity that went on for years, until that faithful day.

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